With a solid history of success for over a quarter of a century, JL inc. is a reliable supplies partner that is difficult to surpass.

We offer a complete line of top quality paper rolls, imaging and printing products. Our services are finely tuned to the customer, small or large. From the retail industry to hospitality markets and individual office requirements, we meet every supply need. Furthermore, in today’s security-conscious environment, we stay on top of changing demands and offer customized safety solutions

to protect your business.

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We see the bigger picture. Our wide range of standard and custom-printed paper rolls andprinter supplies are designed to work with all key types of business equipment. They comply with every retail Point-of-Sale (POS) and Electronic Cash Register (ECR) requirement.

Paper rolls for ECR/POS


  • Standard and custom-printed rolls

  • Thermal, bond and carbonless rolls

Prime products for financial equipment

  • Generic and custom-printed paper rolls for ATM receipts and detail actions

  • Quality paper rolls for teller machines

Mobile pointer supplies

  • Standard and custom-printed paper


POS equipment gibbons

  • Ink rollers, spooled and cartridge ribbons for every ECR/POS need

  • Cleaning cards for credit/debit card readers

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A full spectrum

of printing capabilities


JL inc. is well versed in the art of printing and uses performance measures that meet the highest standards and customer expectations.

Thermal Receipt Rolls can be custom printed to make your company really stand out!

Reinforce your company name

Promote your website

Add coupons to the back of the receipt to keep your customers coming back

The possibilities are endless when you use custom printed thermal rolls for

your receipts!


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  • Attention to detail

  • Use only top quality materials throughout manufacturing


  • Restaurants

  • Retail industry

  • Food distributors

  • Banks


  • 4 - colour flexographic printing

  • Offset printing

  • Environmental friendly



  • Flexible, fast and efficient

  • Quantity and delivery adapted to your needs

  • Secure


Prevent your cash register rolls from getting into the wrong hands...

Beware of

JL inc. brings numerous solutions to the ever-increasing problem of retail loss caused by counterfeiting and other fraudulent acts. Our protective features are cost-effective while upholding your highest expectations.


Scratch & Secure®

Regular looking ink changes colour when scratched.

Coin-Reactive Ink

Visible only when surface is scratched with a coin.

Thermochromatic Ink

Temperature-sensitive ink that disappears when heat is applied.

UV (Ultraviolet) Ink

Invisible ink that can be seen only under an UV light or ”black light”.

Watermark/White on White Ink 

Ink visible when viewed from an angle.

Sensormatic EAS® Paper Rolls

A patented core that contains a Sensormatic
Electronic Article

Surveillance (EAS) system for anti-theft detection is permanentlyinserted into the paper roll core.

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Strategies for
new mobility

JL inc. is on the move with paper for the mobile printer. Our thermal rolls are designed for all main types of mobile thermal printers.


  • Transaction with delivery confirmation


  • Shipping and receiving

  • Visitor check-in

  • Delivery confirmation


  • Event ticketing

  • Guest check-in

  • POS receipts for credit cards


  • Prescription labels

  • Specimen labels

  • Patient ID



  • Evidence labeling

  • Ticketing citation

  • Incident reporting

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Your source for



POS supplies

JL inc. offers an entire line of IBM™ -brand point-of-sale paper rolls and compatible media supplies for use in most of today’s POS transaction printers. Our top list of IBM™-brand supplies include the following:


  • Thermal POS rolls

  • Custom kiosk rolls and ATM

  • Cash register rolls

  • Thermal fax rolls

  • Adding machine rolls

Why retailers from all over the world are using IBMTM-brand solutions?

  • Because of IBM™ ’s complete understanding of the retailer’s needs

  • Because of the care for detail

  • Because of an unparalleled level of quality

  • Because of IBM™ ’s continual innovative responses to a sector that is constantly changing

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Service and support

JL inc. is your partner with a wide network of manufacturing and distribution centres that are strategically located to deliver high quality products quickly and dependably. We take pride in delivering products directly to every client, small or large, whether you have a high-volume or a special low-volume request.

To serve you...


Montréal QC

Toronto ON



Chicago IL

Jefferson City TN

Los Angeles CA

Merrimack NH

Omaha NE

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